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What Is Royalty Rewards® and Why Should You Join?

Royalty Rewards® is a unique program that rewards you every time you visit us. For every dollar you spend, you earn points towards FREE Loyalty Certificates from Fox’s Market House Restaurant.

You get a <Welcome Offer> just for joining!

A guaranteed return with every purchase. When you make any purchase, simply present your Royalty Rewards® card to your server. If you do not want to carry a card, you can add your membership number to our Free Royalty Rewards® iPhone or Android App (available in your phones App Store) and we will automatically track your purchases and assign points to your membership.

For every 200 points you accumulate, you will automatic ally receive a $10 loyalty certificate to redeem on your next visit. Most purchases earn 1 point for every dollar spent—some promotional purchases may earn more. Best of all, there is no limit!

It's Free... Seriously. There is no charge or fee associated with the Royalty Rewards® Program. Just fill out the attached application, turn it in to us, and start using it right away. Certificates are good for future purchases.

It's a 'Thank You' card. Use it whether you pay with cash, or credit card. You can even use it with other incentives for additional savings.

PLUS....Here Are Some Additional Royalty Rewards® Benefits: